Answered By: Elizabeth Andrews
Last Updated: Dec 11, 2015     Views: 71

Many thanks for taking the time to fill in a You Said We Did feedback card. I am glad you feel the Library is, in general, a positive working environment – we do all we can to make the space, facilities and services work for you. We do, however, recognise the limitations you mention regarding seating and noise.

Our parking ticket system was designed to raise awareness of the regulations and problems that seat hogging can cause, therefore there isn’t any sanction as such attached to the issuing of a parking ticket, other than that it indicates the space can be used by someone else. We are reviewing the campaign and how effective it has been and will bear your comments in mind as the problem is clearly persisting.

The stairwell is another area that causes tension.

We do have the signs, as you mention, and they are there both to remind people of the regulations and act as a tool for Library staff to use when asking people to move from the stairwell or to lower the volume of their chat. It is a difficult space to monitor for noise as it can’t be silent and so there is an element of subjectivity in what is considered ‘quiet’. If noise from the stairwell is bothersome or, again, persistent, please either ask a member of Library staff to talk to the students or use our text alert number (07740 421569) to let us know.

We are always interested to hear your ideas about possible awareness campaigns – please do let us know what you think would work best. Involving students and looking at how you use the space and services is the best way to understand what changes are needed and we regularly survey students but we are also looking at ways to gather more information through user testing.

The café in the Library is managed by the University Residential and Business Services – I will pass on your suggestion to add more payment points.

Thanks again for your comments. All the best,

Beth Andrews

Academic Liaison (Communications & Marketing)