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Thank you for completing a Library feedback card.

We're now in the heart of the revision period and inevitably some students do get stressed and anxious. I quite agree that the selfish behaviour of a few is not acceptable and upsets the majority who abide by the silent zoning rule on Levels 3 and 4 of the Main Library.

Our Building Operations team do their very best to respond to complaints about noise as quickly as possible but when we have over 1,000 students in the building (as we have had this week) there are constant demands being placed on Library staff and we can't be everywhere at once. I also believe students can influence the behaviour of their peers by making it clear (via body language and facial expression) that chatting in a silent zone is not acceptable.

We do not routinely take note of the matric numbers of offending students but frontline staff will report issues of repeated poor behaviour and senior Library staff will follow up (with support from the University Discipline Officer if necessary). 

Finally, thank you for your feedback on our staff - it is much appreciated!

kind regards
Graeme Hawes

User Services Manager
December 2016


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  1. Hi

    Taking note of matric ids is definitely necessary. I was proofreading my assignment before handing my work in and people just started whispering. If we are going to call it the silent section then there should be zero tolerance for noise. If they choose to disturb everybody when they have the option to talk downstairs or outside then they dont deserve to use any of the resources in the library. I don't know why "silence" is so hard to understand.
    by "Silence =/= whisper" on Dec 01, 2016.
  2. Letting the talkers know that they are disturbing people by my body language/facial expression is not a solution, I've tried. These people don't care about the opinions or needs of others or else they wouldn't be holding endless conversations in the silent sections. The noise is not continuous, it's on and off for hours at a time which is why reporting a noise disturbance seems a bit pointless as they quieten down once library staff appear then start right up again after they leave.
    by library user on Dec 04, 2016.
  3. Thanks for these comments.

    I completely agree that people ignoring the pretty obvious rules silence is inconsiderate and incredibly frustrating, especially at this time of year when the Library is so busy and people are revising for exams.

    Having moved about 10 students off the stairwell yesterday evening because they were engaging in very loud discussions under the QUIET signs, I am equally frustrated that some users choose to pay so little consideration for others. However, Library staff simply cannot be present at all times to monitor the behaviour of users and in an ideal world, we shouldn't have to.

    As my colleague Graeme has said, we do take steps to tackle rule-breaking where practical and will follow up with proportionate disciplinary action when necessary.

    Many thanks
    Ewan McCubbin

    Assistant Director (Public Services & Communications)
    December 2016
    by Ewan McCubbin on Dec 06, 2016.

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