Answered By: Elizabeth Andrews
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Thank you for filling in a You Said We Did card about the lack of provision of toilets for women in the Main Library. This is a problem that we are planning to address in the redevelopment of the Main Library, slated for completion in 2 years’ time. We understand that this is an important issue in this busy building.

The University is working on plans to add another 375 study spaces to the Library (mostly in Level 1, floor below the entry level) and a major aim of this future redevelopment project is to improve toilet provision. New gender neutral toilets are planned for Level 1 with all existing toilet facilities on Levels 2, 3 and 4 due to be extended and refurbished. In addition, we will be adding toilets to the café which will be more than doubled in size to around 150 seats.

Thank you for the suggestion, but I doubt we’ll go for the spring-loaded lock approach – it might lead to different types of accidents!

Thanks again for highlighting this issue.

All the best,

Beth Andrews

Communications Officer

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