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Q. How many items can I borrow and for how long?

Answered By: Sharon Nangle
Last Updated: May 17, 2018     Views: 429

The number of items you can borrow depends on your status:

Undergraduates 25 items                            Postgraduates 40 items

Staff 50 items                                             Subscription readers 10 items

Admitted readers 6 items                          Students and staff from elsewhere 6.

Please note that audiovisual materials can only be borrowed by University of St Andrews' staff and students.

The length of loan also depends on your status.  Please note all Loans (with the exception of short loan)are subject to recall by another reader:

Normal Loan (can be recalled/renewed)

Undergraduates normal loan = 4 weeks          Staff and Postgraduates normal loan = 1 year from the date of issue.

External Members normal loan = 4 weeks.

Multiple Copy (can be recalled/renewed)


3 Day Loan (can be recalled/renewed)

As the name suggests, you can borrow these for three days!  

Short loan (no recall/renewal)

These are high demand books which can only be borrowed by students and staff of the University of St Andrews.  These can be borrowed for 4 hours and overnight.  Short Loans cannot be renewed, you must return the item and re-issue it.


If an item is recalled from you, the minimum length of time you will have it for is one week, with the exception of 3 Day Loans, when the due date won't change. You will be notified of the recall by e-mail, and recalled books cannot be renewed.