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"I am a life member.  I have not been to the library for years.  I do not understand the reason for the "swipe" card requirement for lifts which I find a nuisance."

Thank you for taking the time to complete a You Said/We Did comments card in the University Library recently.  My apologies for taking some time to send you this reply.

Because we only have one lift in the Library and it is both pretty slow and essential for our staff to make use of in order to reshelve books, we do need to restrict its use.  I have only been at St Andrews for 5 years but my understanding is that the limitations on the lifts use have been in place for many years.  The swipe card system was introduced a couple of years ago to replace the previous system which involved the use of a key which was necessary in order to make use of the lift from the upper floors. 

The swipe system was installed to remove the need for users – particularly regular users like students - to have to continually ask Helpdesk staff for a key.  The swipe system allows us to add lift use privileges to users’ ID cards so that the need to essentially ask for permission to use the lift is removed.  

If you find that you are now using the Library more regularly and need to use the lift, we can of course issue you with a card that would allow you to use the lift without needing to ask for a swipe card from the desk.  Please let me know if and when you feel this may be necessary and I can make the arrangements for you.

Best wishes

Ewan McCubbin (Assistant Director)

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