Answered By: Ewan McCubbin
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Thanks for completing a You Said/We Did card in the Library a few weeks ago – sincere apologies for the lengthy delay in this reply being sent do you.  Thanks also for the praise for our good work – always nice to hear!

To answer your specific points in turn:

  • Move bins around the Library – I’m not quite sure what you mean by this but am guessing it’s that we should consider putting more of the bins in a wider range of locations?  We have taken the decision to keep bins to central locations (e.g. at the stairwells or near the toilets) in their “banks” of different types of bins because this has tended to work better.  We find that if we just put, say a general waste bin in one location, users are more inclined to put recyclable material in that bin.  By providing all types of bins in all locations, recycling tends to be more effective.
  • More water fountains – we are pretty limited in where we can put water fountains I’m afraid.  They can only be added to areas close to existing water supplies – i.e. near bathrooms.  Prior to phase 2 of the Library Redevelopment Project, completed in September 2012, there was only one fountain in the Library, the one on level 2.  The redevelopment allowed us to put another 2 fountains in so that there is now one on each floor.  At this stage we have no plans to increase the number of fountains.
  • Vending machine on the ground floor – given that there are vending machines in the café which is also on the ground floor, I don’t think we could easily justify the additional space that would be required for another machine so close by. 

Thanks again for your feedback and sorry once again for taking so long to reply to your comments.

Best wishes

Ewan McCubbin (Assistant Director)