Answered By: Ewan McCubbin
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Thanks for your comments.  We always appreciate getting feedback cards from users, especially the entertaining ones.  

To answer your comments in no particular order:

  1. Stuffiness in the Library  - I'm really sorry about the stuffiness.  This is partly to do with on-going problems we are having with our ventilation system despite the signficant investment that was made 2 years ago to fix this as part of our redevelopment project.  I'm pursuing the matter with colleagues in Estates to seek a permanent and effective solution to this long-outstanding matter.  It is exacerbated at the moment by the rise in temperature outside but also the significant numbers of people in the building at the same time. We'll do what we can but I'm afraid opening the windows is not an option as we don't have any windows that open.
  2. Pens at feedback boxes - We have thought about doing this as you're not the first person to mention it. However, the only way we could really provide pens at the suggestion boxes would be to attach them to the sides of the boxes.  I think that would prove to be pretty impractical when trying to use said pen to write on a card.  So I'm afraid, for the time being at least, we have no plans to provide pens at the boxes.  We do provide pens at SAULCAT terminals and you are very welcome to use one of those.
  3. Lack of provision of cute boys - I'm afraid I don't think we're going to be able to introduce a policy of entrance to the Library being dependent on users' relative levels of cuteness.  It's an interesting prospect but I fear would be impractical to enforce, not least because what one person finds cute may not be the same for someone else.  The subjective nature of human attraction I suppose.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Best wishes

Ewan McCubbin (Assistant Director)

Comments (2)

  1. This is sexist... What about the provision of cute girls as well!?
    by David Smith on Jun 06, 2016.
  2. Thanks for your comment about the lack of cute girls. I think our response would be pretty much the same as it was in relation to the apparent lack of cute boys!

    Best wishes
    Ewan McCubbin, Assistant Director
    June 2016
    by Ewan McCubbin on Jun 08, 2016.