Answered By: Ewan McCubbin
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Thanks for your comments.  I have to admit that despite the many questions and comments that we get in the Library, this is the first time that we've been asked to encourage our users to walk more quietly.

We get more complaints about general noise coming from the main stairwell which travels into the silent floors.  This is of particular concern as we don't believe users are taking into account that their volume of conversation needs to be adjusted as soon as they leave level 2 and enter the stairs, rather than the point at which they leave the stairs and enter level 3 or 4.  As a result we will be putting new signage up in the stairwells in the near future as a way to remind users how much sound travels up the stairs into the silent zones.  

We have no plans to ask Library users to walk more quietly as I don't see how this is remotely enforceable.  However, thanks all the same for your very original feedback.

Best wishes

Ewan McCubbin (Assistant Director)

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