Answered By: Ewan McCubbin
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Thanks for your comments.  We do allow people to take calls in the corridor and foyer in Martyrs and do have signs up that say "Quiet conversation" (or something along those lines).  I'm happy to keep the policy under review and, given the acoustics of the kirk and the relatively small footprint of the building, it may be that we need to say in the future calls can only be taken outside.

It's a tricky one because of course during working hours we need to have our staff in the Special Collections reception contactable by phone.  This is one the challenges of running Martyrs as a split site operation but your comments are helpful nonetheless.

The photography is very frustrating and something we're aware of.  As you may have noticed, we recently put signs up in Martyrs making it very clear that no photography was allowed without the explicit permission of both Library management and the Press Office.

If you do find this is happening and it's during office hours, please go and speak to one of our staff in the reception area along the corridor.  If we have sufficient staff on duty, someone will go and deal with the problem in the research reading room.  If we have less people on duty, they will be able to call the Main Library for assistance.

Thanks again

Ewan McCubbin (Assistant Director)

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