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Thanks for your feedback.  Whilst I'm glad to read that you think that Martyrs is a beautiful reading room, I'm sorry that you find it to be rather dysfunctional.  The space has of course only been open for just under a year so we are still to some extent finding our feet with its operation.  Feedback from users such as you is most helpful in terms of moving forward.

I've answered your specific points below:

  1. Temperature of reading room - I'm sorry to hear you've been finding it cold.  We've not had any other complaints recently but what would be helpful is if you could report problems to (or by speaking to our staff) when you are experiencing them.  It's difficult for us to remedy a problem regarding heating unless we have specific and timely information.
  2. No hot drinks - whilst a number of users have asked about the rules on hot drinks being changed, I think it's highly unlikely that we are going to change our position on this for the foreseeable future.  Drinks can cause damage and the quality of the fittings in Martyrs is of such a standard that repairing damage would be particularly costly.  We believe that by allowing users to have a coffee in the foyer we are still accommodating to a greater extent that one finds in many other university library facilities where no drinks at all are allowed.
  3. Inter Library Loans - I'm afraid due to the stricter conditions placed by the British Library on the use of these loans, we are unable to let them be used in an unstaffed facility.
  4. Stapler/hole punch - yours is the first request since Martyrs opened for these pieces of equipment to be installed in the Print/Copy room at Martyrs but we can certainly look into this for you.
  5. Lockers - Given the lack of space in Martyrs and the need provide lockers for users of the Special Collections Reading Room (for obvious security reasons), it has proven difficult to provide additional lockers for the users of the Research Reading Room.  I am, however, looking into a number of options at the moment and it may still be possible to provide a small number of lockers for other users.

I hope these answers help but please get back to me if you have any other comments or suggestions.

Best wishes

Ewan McCubbin (Assistant Director)

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  1. I raised the stapler issue in the fall ... Staplers should be by every printer (main library included) considering how much me pay to print.
    by Chris on Aug 18, 2014.