Answered By: Ewan McCubbin
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Thanks again for your recent comments on one of our feedback cards.  As you know, we are looking into the options for the provision of lockers in Martyrs for our Research Reading Room users.

Space is extremely limited in Martyrs and during the project’s development priority had to be given to the provision of lockers for our Special Collections Reading Room users for all the obvious security reasons.  Nonetheless, we do recognise that there is demand for lockers from students and I’m still hopeful that we may be able to do something. 

Any locker provision that we may deliver would be limited to no more than a few dozen at most and they would be available on a rental basis – i.e. no day lockers.  It is simply not practical for us to provide lockers for day use only as these are very difficult to manage.  For example, we would need to provide additional staff effort each morning to check each locker, remove the contents, record the contents and then find somewhere to store the material found.  If we were not to carry out such checks, we would run the risk of individuals hanging on to lockers indefinitely with us being effectively unable to identify the owner of the contents. 

I am visiting Martyrs tomorrow morning to look at the space again with my colleague Rachel Hart, our current Acting Assistant Director/Head of Special Collections, to see if we can come up with a solution.

On the chairs, you have my sincere sympathies!  I would agree that the chairs in the Research Reading Room are impractical for a number of our users.  We are currently investigating options to have existing chairs adapted so that their height can be adjusted and that they can be put onto castors.  We may not be able to do this for all of the chairs in the reading room but can hopefully adapt a sufficient number to meet demand. 

I hope this helps but please do keep the feedback coming – we really appreciate it.

All the best

Ewan McCubbin 

Assistant Director

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