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Thank you for completing a "You said, We did" card recently.  We've been asked to make provision for hot water before, but unfortunately it's not something we are able to do.  Such provision would require access to a source of drinking water along-side either a kettle or urn, and there isn't an appropriate place to safely locate this within the Library.

There are vending machines, including one for hot drinks, which are available when the cafe is closed, and you are welcome to bring a flask of hot water into the Library if you wish.

Thank you for your suggestion, it's something we will bear in mind, and I'll pass it on to Residential and Business Services who run the cafe.


Sharon Nangle

Academic Liaison Librarian

October 2014

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  1. I find it difficult to believe there is simply no-where to put a hot water dispenser. For people that like particular teas and coffees the vending machine is simply not a solution. Most cafes close early so the only source of caffeine left available is in the form of energy drinks which are very unhealthy. Even if a temporary solution was the provision of a kettle which could be plugged in within sight of the front desk to ensure against misuse. Hot water flasks again are only a suitable option if you live within adequate walking distance from the library.
    by Tabitha on Mar 30, 2016.
  2. Thank you for adding your comments to the question about the Library providing access to hot drinking water when the cafe is closed.

    Your suggestion of a kettle does make sense, however there are a number of considerations which the Library needs to take into account when providing these facilities. The main issues with a kettle include the need to refill it frequently, and providing ready access to a source of drinking water; and assessing the risk of providing a kettle, there's potentially the risk of someone accidentally spilling hot water on themselves, or someone else. A plumbed in hot water dispenser would ensure water could be supplied consistently and safely, and this would need to be located near a source of drinking water.

    Please be assured that this is something we are looking in to, but that it may take time for a suitable solution to be found.

    Thanks again for sharing your views and suggestion.
    by Sharon Nangle on Apr 05, 2016.
  3. In the first floor of ELT Building, there is hot and cold water available from a water filter. The first entry was posted 3 years ago, but the problem is still not solved. And why cannot we bring warm water into the reading room? Thanks.
    by Keeping warm is important on Nov 12, 2017.
  4. Thank you for your comments. The Library will be introducing a hot and cold water dispenser on Level 2 of the Library in the New Year.
    Water, hot or cold, is permitted in the Thomson Reading Room in Martyrs Kirk, but just water, no other hot or cold drinks are allowed in this area.
    by Sharon Nangle on Nov 14, 2017.