Answered By: Sharon Nangle
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Thanks for completing a Library Comments Card recently highlighting areas you would like us to improve.

Library Temperature - a running theme in many recently submitted comment cards!  This is a long-standing problem, and one we are working with our colleagues in Estates to try to solve.  The temperature can vary across the Library, so you may want to try a different space to see if that's more comfortable, but we hope in the long-term to have a solution whereby the temperature is more comfortable everywhere within the building.

Monitoring the number of users - you may have noticed that we now display the number of users currently in the Library on a screen beside the Welcome Desk.  This is updated live as people enter and leave the Library. You can also view the Library Occupation Widget online.

More "sciencey" books - most of our Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics books are held in the JF Allen and Purdie Libraries in the North Haugh, in close proximity to the Schools, however we do have some in the Main Library.  If there are specific titles which we don't have, or if there are insufficient copies of specific titles you can let us know by emailing with the details of the books your are interested in, it's also helpful if you can include details of the module the book would be useful for, or if it's for a dissertation topic, etc.

More plugs - when the Library was redeveloped a few years ago we increased the number of sockets at desks considerably, and have continued to do so ever since.  Currently you'll find every desk on Level 2 has a socket, and all the desks around the outside walls on Levels 3 and 4 have sockets.  During the redevelopment we raised the floor on Level 2 to allow us to add sockets to all the desks, unfortunately we haven't been able to do the same with Levels 3 and 4 due to cost and logistics of moving everything out.  Our colleagues in Estates are looking for solutions and we would hope that we can increase the number of desks with sockets.  One downside of this would be that it would increase the heat in these areas, so would need to be dealt with in conjunction with the heating issue so as not to make this problem worse!

As IT Support manage all the student PCs, I can't comment on why Mathematica and Matlab aren't available on the PCs in the Library, so I've passed your comments on to IT Support.  If you'd like to contact them yourself then you can email, or if you'd like the chance to win free coffee for a month, complete the online suggestion form!

Thanks once again for letting us know what you think about the Library,


Sharon Nangle

Academic Liaison Librarian

October 2014