Answered By: Sharon Nangle
Last Updated: Aug 25, 2015     Views: 34

Thank you for completing a "You said, We did" about Martyrs Kirk Library.  I'm sorry you've found the temperature to be too cold, we've been working with Estates to try to make the temperature more comfortable.  In addition each of the desks has heaters to allow you to reach a more comfortable local temperature, you'll find the switch under the desk, beside the power switch.

Before we opened Martyrs Kirk we held a focus group meeting with PGR students, where the overwhelming view was that eating and drinking, with the exception of water, should not be allowed in the Reading Room.  Whilst we've had a few requests to allow hot drinks in Martyrs we're of the view that the current policy is best.  In the Main Library we've had damage caused to books and furniture by spills of hot drinks, and we'd like to ensure that the high quality of the furniture at Martyrs isn't compromised in the way it has been on occasion in the Main Library.  

Most of the feedback we receive on Martyrs is that people find it an excellent environment to study in, and we're keen to ensure we keep it that way.

We will keep your view on this matter in mind when we're looking at provision within Martyrs.

Many thanks


Sharon Nangle

Academic Liaison Librarian

November 2014.