Answered By: Sharon Nangle
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Thanks so much for getting in touch to let us know what you like about the Library and for your suggested improvements.

I'm really pleased to hear that you think Tom is wonderful!  Our attendants team are the unsung heroes of the Library - we rely on them for so much, and it's really great when someone points out how friendly they are.  I'll pass your compliments on to Tom.

The issue of power sockets is raised frequently, and we're trying to find ways to increase the provision in the Library. Our aim is to have power at every desk, but the concrete floors on levels 3 and 4 have limited our ability to get power to the desks in the middle of the Library.  Our colleagues in Estates are looking into this and we hope to be able to add power in the future.  Currently every desk on level 2, and all the desks around the perimeter of levels 3 and 4 have power.

We've also been asked about having a supply of hot drinking water in the Library.  Currently we're unable to provide this, primarily due to there not being sufficient space to safely provide these facilities.  When the cafe is closed the vending machines are available, and provide a fairly decent "bean to cup" coffee as well as other hot drinks.  You are of course welcome to bring your own hot drink into the Library, or a flask of hot water.

We would love to be able to replace short loan books with ebooks, and where possible we will buy ebooks where they are available.  Unfortunately not all publishers make their books available in an ebook format which institutions can buy, so there are many titles we simply can't get in ebook form.  Where this is the case we use Short Loan as the best way to ensure as many people as possible can access the book.  In addition the Library can scan a chapter of a book and add it to your reading list, and we work with academic staff to identify any resources where this is appropriate.  The Higher Education digitisation license allows us to scan 1 chapter only from a book, so scanning an entire book isn't permitted.  We've seen an increase in the number of scans we supply in recent years, which has allowed us to remove some books from short loan, back to the main shelves.  Hopefully as publishers make more ebooks available we'll be able to improve the situation further.

We've also had requests for more height adjustable furniture in the Library, and this is something we will look at.  Height adjustable or standing desks are much more expensive than standard desks, but it's something we can work on over time.  

And finally.... the Library does indeed have procedures in place to deal with any emergencies including pandemics, this is covered as part of our Business Continuity Plan.  We work very closely with other departments within the University, and make use of all the available expertise within and outwith the University, to ensure we can continue to provide Library services in a safe way.  

Thanks very much for all your comments.


Sharon Nangle

Academic Liaison Librarian

November 2014