Answered By: Sharon Nangle
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Thank you for completing a “You said, We did” card recently.


Thanks for letting us know that you love the Library.  It’s also heartening to see the plea “Your students need you” - this sentiment is to the fore of our minds when we’re figuring out the best ways to support students, within the reality of the funding we have available, of course!

I’m sorry you’ve found it difficult to find a space in the silent areas, as you so rightly observe the library is very busy in the run up to, and during exams, arguably too busy.  We hoped with the redevelopment in 2011/12 that the increase in study spaces would help alleviate pressure, but we’ve experienced an increase in use following the redevelopment, effectively cancelling out the increase in study spaces.

Your suggestion that we restrict access to Level 4 to Postgraduate and Honours students in May and December is an interesting suggestion, and not one that I’ve heard before.  There are however a few operational issues that would make this difficult to do.  Whenever we have a policy or rule in place, we have to ensure we are able to enforce it, and if necessary have steps in place to apply sanctions to anyone who chooses not to adhere to the rules.  It would be difficult, and potentially very disruptive to users if we had to find a way to prevent pre-honours students, staff, and other external users from using a study space on Level 4 – as this would probably involve asking people to prove they were entitled to use the space.  Secondly we have some book collections on Level 4 – Art History, Photography and Iranian Studies, which pre-honours students would need access to, as well as our print journals collection.

The issue of study spaces comes up regularly with students, and the Students Association have  produced a list of alternative study spaces available across the University if you can’t find a suitable space in the Library.  Availability of study spaces is also one of the reasons we’ve extended the opening hours of the Library this year, making the Library available 08.00-02.00 every day during semester.  In an ideal world, we’d like a bigger library, with more study space overall!

Thanks again for your comments and suggestions, we will continue to work with students to advocate for more space.


Sharon Nangle

Academic Liaison Librarian

December 2014

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