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Thanks for filling in one of the Library’s comments cards the other day which has been passed to me.

I quite agree with what you’ve said – the toilet provision in the Library is much less than we need.  When we carried out our refurbishment of the Library during the summers of 2011 and 2012 – a project that was of course not increasing the physical size of the building – we were able to make some small improvements to toilet provision. 

Female toilets on levels 2, 3 and 4 were each given an additional cubicle.  Male toilets still only had one cubicle but we were able to provide one additional urinal in each of them as well as adding new disabled toilets on levels 3 and 4.  Adding any more toilets, particularly in areas away from the existing toilet blocks where water already existed, was beyond the limits of the budget the University had provided for the refurbishment.

There is now the possibility of a second redevelopment project and we are in the very early stages of developing designs with the architects.  One of the main priorities we’ve emphasised, particularly if the project involves further increases in study seat provision, is toilet facilities as they are so inadequate just now.  However, this project is still unconfirmed (it will need Court approval in the Autumn) and no work will be carried out in the Main Library until the summer of 2017.  This planned project will also not involve the physical extension of the building so any additional toilets will need to be built into the existing footprint of the space we already have.

So, whilst I completely sympathise with what you are saying, there is very little that we can do about increasing toilet provision in the building at the moment.  

Best wishes

Ewan McCubbin (Assistant Director, Liaison & User Services)

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