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Q. What is the Morebooks service, who's it for, and how does it work

I've heard that there's a Morebooks service?  Can you tell me how it works and who can use it?

Answered By: Sharon Nangle
Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018     Views: 282

Morebooks is a service that allows students to make recommendations for books the Library should consider buying.  It can only be used by current students at the University of St Andrews, but applications are welcome from students in any year of their studies.  

You can use the Morebooks service if:

  • the Library doesn't have any copies of a book that you would like to use for your studies/research
  • the Library doesn't have enough copies of a book which you need

To make a Morebooks request:

  • email
  • provide the details of the book, providing as much information as you have
  • email from your email account, this allows us to easily confirm your status as a student
  • tell us what you need the book for, e.g. an assignment, your dissertation, or research
  • if you're requesting more copies of a book we already have, tell us which module you need it for

When we receive your request we'll check to see if we can get the book, if we can, and it's not a very expensive book, we'll order it for the Library, and a hold will be placed for you, and we'll email to let you know when it's ready for you to collect.

If a book is out of print, we'll try to find a second-hand copy in good condition, these can take a little longer to find and arrive, and sometimes we can't get copies, but it's still worth asking.

If books are very expensive, the morebooks service will work with your School to see if this is something we should consider buying, and we'll let you know the outcome.

Are there other ways of getting books we don't have?

Yes, as well as asking the Library to buy a book, you could ask that we borrow the book from another Library.  If you think you can make use of the book you need within a 3-4 week time period, then Inter-Library Loan is another option for you to consider.

We also have reciprocal membership schemes with Abertay University, and the University of Dundee, so if you'd like to borrow from those Libraries you can.  And the SCONUL access scheme provides you with access to the print collections of many UK University Libraries, some allow you to borrow, others only provide reference access.

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