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Q. Make it easier to check the number of people in the Library

"Perhaps make it easier for students to check the number of people in the library at any point. Also it streamlining the isaint pages as at first it seems rather intimidating to first year students. Even second and third year students find it difficult to navigate." 

Answered By: Elizabeth Andrews
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016     Views: 280

As you will have seen, we display the Library counter on the large screen at the Main Library entrance.

However, we know that it is useful to see how busy the building is before you arrive, so we also include this widget online: on our Opening Times page: and on Facebook: It is currently a pinned post on Facebook. The counter is also available on the Library and IT tab in MySaint.

If you have any suggestions about where it would be easier for students to find online, please do let us know and we will try to have it included there. Email:

Many thanks,

Beth Andrews

Communications Officer

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