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Q. Please can we have staplers on Levels 3 & 4

Generally speaking, the whole library has wonderful service, such as lending chargers for Macbook, offering IT help and providing online chat to assist. For some improvements, I'd like several addition staples on Floor 3 and 4, so that we do not have to go downstairs for that. And that would be very convenient for people who print upstairs. Thanks for all the help.

Answered By: Graeme Hawes
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2017     Views: 22

Thank you for your feedback, it's much appreciated.

I'm pleased to say that we have now introduced staplers on Levels 3 and 4 of the Main Library, next to Uniprint multi-function devices.

kind regards
Graeme Hawes

User Services Manager
November 2017


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