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Q. There are people who 'reserve' study spaces for friends who never show up!

Answered By: Ewan McCubbin
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2017     Views: 66

I do sympathise with your frustration about this form of seat hogging.  I think if someone is studying with a friend who has left their space for a short while (e.g. to go to the bathroom or get a coffee etc.) then it’s fair enough for the friend to say this.  However, prolonged periods of absence or basically someone keeping an otherwise empty space (i.e. that doesn’t have any belongings at it) for a friend who is yet to arrive (or who never does as you point out!) isn’t fair.

You should feel free to occupy the seat yourself.  Students do not have a right to indefinitely hang on to another space for a friend, particularly one who never appears.  You have as much right to the study space as the next person.

Ewan McCubbin

Assistant Director (Public Services & Communications0

December 2017