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Q. Please do something about noise disruption in Martyrs

Answered By: Ewan McCubbin
Last Updated: May 30, 2018     Views: 65


Thanks for your feedback card about Martyrs Kirk.

The acoustics at Martyrs are definitely a problem as is the very compact nature of the building.  Ideally, we would have much more distance from the lobby area to the reading room etc not to mention doors into the Thomson Room that provided a better acoustic seal. 

We do of course allow users to sit in the lobby to take a break and conversation should be quiet but there is a limit to how effective signage will be.  Having intervened several times yesterday with students talking very loudly on the Main Library stairs under the 3 metre long signs that say “SILENCE,” it’s clear that some students will simply ignore signage no matter how prominent it is!  All we can do as staff is intervene when we see the problems and in my experience, most students will oblige if they are asked to be quiet or more considerate.

It might be possible for me to deploy some staff to provide at least a partial presence in Martyrs but we have been short staffed in recent months.  I’ll do what I can to improve the staff presence in the Thomson Room.  In the meantime, I would encourage you to speak to the students yourself if you are being disturbed or alternatively, please use the anonymous text alert service which we publicise within the Martyrs reading room.  Our staff can then come over from the Main Library to intervene if there is a problem.

I note your comments about Oxford and Cambridge.  I imagine that they will have similar problems from time to time but may be helped by having better and larger facilities than we do.

Ewan McCubbin

Assistant Director (Public Services & Communications)

December 2017

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