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Q. Please be polite when enforcing the rules!

Answered By: Graeme Hawes
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2017     Views: 70

Thank you for completing a 'You said, we did' feedback card.

I'm sorry to hear that you feel our staff have been impolite in enforcing the behavioural rules in the Thomson Reading Room at Martyrs Kirk. There are times when staff will need to be firm and clear, however we should always remain polite in doing so. Having recently achieved Customer Service Excellence accreditation for our frontline services our working relationship with our students and staff is of utmost importance and if there are any specific issues please feel free to contact me directly and I will follow up.

That said there have been a number of complaints (from other users) about student behaviour in the Thomson Reading Room of late and we are currently looking to increase our staff presence to try and reduce any selfish and inconsiderate actions from a small minority of users. Exam time is often the time when students want rules to be enforced more stringently so trying to balance that against your request for a more relaxed approach is a tricky thing to do! It is also something we are very aware of and we do carefully measure our approach at this time of year.

Thanks again and please do get in touch if I can be of further assistance.

kind regards
Graeme Hawes (gh30)

User Services Manager
December 2017

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