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Q. Can you make the wifi network available to visiting graduates?

Answered By: Graeme Hawes
Last Updated: May 17, 2018     Views: 32

Thank you for completing a Library feedback form.

I’m really pleased to hear you are enjoying using the Library as a graduate member. However, I also understand your frustration in not being able to access wifi.

As you’re probably aware our main wifi provision is via Eduroam and this comes with a strict set of criteria governing who can access the network. Essentially it is for University staff and students and (for a maximum period of two weeks) academic conference delegates. We are not able to include graduate Library members, unfortunately. The University does provide wifi access through BT ( however you would need to have an existing BT wifi contract to access this free of charge.

The University does provide free BT wifi for non-staff and student Library users over the summer period however we do not offer this year round because (a) there is a considerable cost attached to it and (b) during the busy semester periods we want to ensure academic-related activities are routed via  Eduroam (for the protection of staff, students and data).

Sorry – it’s probably not the answer you were wanting to hear but hopefully it helps to explain the current wifi provision. Do not hesitate to get back in touch if I can be of further assistance.

Graeme Hawes

User Services Manager 
February 2018

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