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Q. Can I highlight Library books

Are we allowed to highlight in Library books?

Answered By: Sharon Nangle
Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019     Views: 29

No, please don't highlight Library books, not even with pencil.  Highlighting can make it difficult for other people to read the book.  What you have found important within the book, may not be what other people would find important, and that can be distracting and frustrating.  

In order to comply with the Digitisation License which allows the Library to scan sections of books and print journals for reading lists, only clean texts can be used, pages with highlighting or annotation can't be used.  When we scan materials for any students with print disabilities the same applies, screen-reader software needs clean text to work, and cannot work with highlighted or annotated pages.

If you find highlighting helps you, please ensure you photocopy the chapter you want to highlight rather than highlighting in the Library copy of the book.  

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