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Q. What is ArticleReach?

Answered By: Sharon Nangle
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2020     Views: 39

If you have searched for a journal article, and it's not available you'll see a screen which tells you "No results were found" and then gives you a link to request through ArticleReach:

Image text: Full text results.  Resources Located for this Citation.  Available Full Text.  No results were found, please contact the library for additional assistance.  Request this now though University Library ArticleReacg.

Use the "Request this now through University Library ArticleReach" link to try to get the article from another Library.

If you haven't already logged in, you'll be taken to the University of St Andrews Single Sign on where you enter your username and password.

You're then taken to a "Request Verfication" page:

Request verification.  Please enter the following information: For example type "Jane Smith" Your Name: Example 213355422987.  Library barcode number:  University of St Andrews.  Submit button.  Start Over button.

Enter your name, and the barcode number which you'll find on the back of your staff or student ID card, then click "Submit"

A form will display, with fields pre-filled:

Image of a pre-filled request form

  1. Check the details are correct.
  2. If you are using ArticleReach because an issue of a journal is missing from the shelf, or an article is embargoed (not yet available for download) on a journal site such as JSTOR, make sure you tick the box "item not on shelf/ejournal not available".
  3. Then  click "Submit"

Your request will go into the ArticleReach system and if available will be supplied by one of the partner Libraries.  If it's not available your request will be transferred to the Inter-Library Loans service.

More information about ArticleReach can be found on the Inter-Library Loans page.

ArticleReach is available for all current staff and students at the University of St Andrews.