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Q. Can I still include print items on my reading list even though the requirements for dual delivery of teaching are for digital content to be made available

Answered By: Hilda McNae
Last Updated: Oct 14, 2020     Views: 17

For essential items which are only available in print and where a suitable digital alternative can't be found then these should be clearly labelled as required for student purchase. (This is most likely to be a textbook that is used on a weekly basis or primary texts for subject such as English)

Consideration should be given to ensuring that items for student purchase are kept to a minimum, the cost for students is not prohibitive and the item is readily available (for students to purchase digitally or in print). This is particularly important if the text relates to student assessment.

Any additional readings which schools wish to list but are not available digitally can be included on a list. It must be clear to students that not being able to access this material will not disadvantage their performance in the module.

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