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Q. How can I access the Datastream Excel plugin?

Answered By: Hilda McNae
Last Updated: Apr 15, 2022     Views: 12

In order to access the Datastream Excel plugin you first need to have an account for Refinitiv Workspace, see How do I access Refinitiv Workspace

PC users

Installing the Refinitiv App will also install a Refinitiv toolbar in Excel from which you can access both Workspace and Datastream.

Mac users

Installing the Refinitiv App will also install the Refinitiv 365 plugin for Excel. You can use this to access data on Workspace but Refinitiv have not made the Datastream plugin to work with Excel on a Mac. If the data in Workspace isn't adequate for your needs and you also need Datastream then follow the instructions below. 

  • Contact asking for access to Datastream via your Mac. Library staff will log a call with IT Services for you to be set up with alternative access. Once this has been completed:
  • Go to Apps Anywhere
  • Login when prompted and so it validates you
  • Scroll through the Apps and find the one for Refinitiv Workspace
  • Click on the arrow to the right of the green button and choose the first option in the drop down list - Workspace Excel Remote Reference Workspace.
  • You may get a screen with a Redirect button on, if so click this and open up parallels software
  • This will take several minutes but will then open up Excel (this is not the version of Excel on your own machine)
  • Choose the tab along the Excel toolbar which says Refinitiv. If no buttons show then click on Sign in at the left hand side.
  • At this stage it will automatically log you in with your University credentials 
  • Once the screen downloads it will look like this:. The Datastream options are on the right hand side of the Toolbar (starting with the Datastream Formula button)

  • Once you have finished save your worksheet and close down the version of Excel you have been working in.
  • If Parallels Client still shows as being open on your Mac then go to Sessions > Log Out All RAS sessions and then quit the application



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