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Q. How do I borrow and return books when the Main Library is closed?

Answered By: Sharon Nangle
Last Updated: May 13, 2022     Views: 20

While the building is closed, Click & Collect will be available for items held in the Main Library, Martyrs, and Walter Bower House. You will see the ‘Click & Collect’ button on Library search.   

Pick up items from St Mary’s College Library, during the building opening hours (9am – 8.30pm). Use the self-service machine in St Mary’s to borrow and return.  You can also return items to the letterbox at St Mary’s when the building is closed.   

You can request 5 items each day through Click & Collect, and you can borrow a total of 99 items. All items continue to be subject to recall. If an item you have borrowed is recalled, you will have 7 days to return this to us. You can post items back.   

After you have made a request, we will aim to have the items ready for you the next weekday, but this is dependent on demand. If you make a request on Friday, items should be ready Monday or Tuesday the next week. You will be emailed once the item is available for you at St Mary’s and we will keep it for you, ready to be collected, for 5 days.