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Q. How do I change the justification of my EndNote bibliography?

Answered By: Hilda McNae
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2023     Views: 3

In Microsoft Word EndNote may centre or justify the bibliography incorrectly. This is due to a hidden style in Word.

To change this and select the justification you want for your bibliography follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Home tab in Word
  • On a PC click the pop out arrow under the bottom right of the Styles window. On a Mac click on the Styles Pane.
  • In the list of styles find the one called EndNote Bibliography (if it doesn't show click Options > Select styles to show >all styles)
  • Use the drop down arrow to the right of the entry for EndNote bibliography and choose Modify
  • In the Modify style box change the paragraph style to left justified (you can also change the font style and size in this area)

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