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Q. How do I convert a document so it doesn't include EndNote field codes?

Answered By: Hilda McNae
Last Updated: Jun 23, 2023     Views: 14

If you have written a document using EndNote referencing software and are submitting your work for publication then you may be asked to remove the field codes it has inserted into the Word document.

You should only do this when you are at the final submission stage and no longer need to be able to insert or amend any EndNote entries.

  • Create a copy of your final document (it's  not possible to reformat references and bibliography once you have converted the text so this step will mean you can go back to your original document should you need to reformat references for any reason)
  • In the new document go to the EndNote toolbar in Word and click on Convert Citations and Bibliography
  • Choose Convert to Plain Text
  • Save this document with a different name to the original one (e.g. final submission -no field codes)

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