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Q. How do I use EndNote on more than one computer?

Answered By: Hilda McNae
Last Updated: Nov 01, 2023     Views: 17

If you want to use EndNote on more than one device then you should not transfer the EndNote library but instead use the sync function in EndNote as follows:

  • Make sure your existing EndNote Library on computer 1 has been synced
  • Go to computer 2 and open EndNote (If EndNote has not been installed then download it from Apps Anywhere)
  • Create a new empty EndNote library
  • Click on Sync in the new library and say yes when you are asked if you want to proceed with merging your libraries
  • Wait for sync to finish and you will then see all your references from computer 1 in your EndNote library on computer 2.
  • Whichever computer you are working with then always ensure you sync regularly and before closing EndNote down so both are kept up-to-date. (Alternatively go to EndNote preferences on each computer and ensure your library is set to sync automatically.

If you wish to work with the same document as well as the same EndNote library on both computers then follow the instructions on the EndNote support site.


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