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Q. Can I show films and documentaries in the classroom?

Answered By: Hilda McNae
Last Updated: Jan 03, 2024     Views: 11

The University has an ERA (Educational Recording Agency) licence which allows use of UK film and radio broadcasts via  BoB (Learning on Screen's on demand service). Under the terms of the licence programmes or clips from ERA Broadcaster Members (including any catch-up services they offer, such as BBC iPlayer) can be shown in class,  embedded within presentations or linked to from Moodle or online reading lists.

If you wish to use content which is not available on this platform then there is a copyright exception which covers the performing, playing or showing of work in an educational establishment. 

You can show films or play recorded audio to students without needing a licence from the copyright owner (this does not include events where members of the public are also in attendance). This can be in

  • lecture or seminar rooms


A Code of Fair Practice for the Use of Audiovisual Works in Film Education is available and provides examples of how best to use different types of content in your teaching. Please contact us if you require further help. 


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