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Q. How can I find the output styles which I have customised in EndNote?

Answered By: Hilda McNae
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2024     Views: 1

If you have customised the output styles in EndNote or are using the Harvard St Andrews or Vancouver St Andrews styles created by the Library then you will need to ensure these are backed up before moving to a new version of EndNote. You may also wish to share these styles with another user which you can do by e-mailing the relevant style or sharing it online so they can download it.

By default any styles created or modified are saved in the following locations.


C:\Users\<Your User Account>\My Documents\EndNote\Styles 

/Users/<Your User Account>/Documents/EndNote/Styles

If you are unable to find the style in these locations then go to Preferences in EndNote. Select Folder locations on the menu on the left hand side to find the location of your styles folder.

If you still can't find the style you have created search your device for the file.


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