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Q. How do I request a book which is currently out on loan?

Answered By: Sharon Nangle
Last Updated: Mar 01, 2024     Views: 6

When a book is out on loan there's an option to recall it.  Before you recall a book you should check that there aren't other copies available.  You do this by clicking the title of the book.

Here is an example of a book where some copies are out on loan and some are available:

As there are 3 copies of this book currently available on the shelf in the Main Library you should borrow one of the available copies by getting it from the shelf, rather than recalling the one copy which is out on loan.

If there are no copies of the book in the Library you can recall a copy:

In this case there are no available copies of the book.  To recall the book:

  1. Click the recall button.
  2. You are asked to login, select University login then enter your university email address and password to login
  3. A request box will open.  If there are multiple copies of the book you can select the one you want
  4. There's a drop down menu for you to select which Library you want to collect the book from, the default option is the Main Library.  
  5. Select the Library you want to pick up the book from, then click "Submit".

You'll see a confirmation box showing your recall request has been successful.

When a book is recall the Library will email the person who has the book advising that they need to return the book.  They will have one week to return a 4-week loan.  If you have recalled a 3-day loan the person who has the book will be advised that they need to return it by the due date, ie. within the next 3 days.

When the recalled book has been returned it will be reserved for you.  You'll receive an email advising you that the book is available for you to collect, and giving details of where the book should be collected from.  You will have 5 days to collect the books.

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