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Q. Endnote references are appearing in curly brackets in word

When I use the endnote toolbar in word to add a citation, it appears in text within curly brackets, e.g. {Hughes, 217 #595} and nothing appears in my bibliography.  

Answered By: Sharon Nangle
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2024     Views: 11

To resolve this ensure that Instant formatting is set to "on" in the Endnote toolbar in word:

When you change this from "Off" to "On" the citations will automatically reformat to the style you have selected and appear in the bibliography/reference list.

If this doesn't resolve the problem please email in your email include:

  • Details of the problem,
  • whether you are using a Mac or Windows PC,
  • the version of Endnote you have installed,
  • the version of Word you are using,
  • if using a Mac, which version of the Mac OS you have installed.

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