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Q. Where can I get more help with Bloomberg?

I'm new to Bloomberg and I need help to understand the data included and how to find it.

Answered By: Hilda McNae
Last Updated: Apr 04, 2024     Views: 7

If you have not learnt how to use Bloomberg in one of your taught modules then you should work your way through the following materials to understand how to search and find the data you need before you begin.

  1. Getting Started (available once you log in to the terminal): this resource provides a good overview of Bloomberg concepts including the menu system, Bloomberg keyboard, command line and the different functions available to you.
  2. Take the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) and/or ESG certification or as a first step complete "Terminal Basics" in BMC.

Once you are using Bloomberg to find the data you need further support is available:

  • Press the F1 key to bring up help relevant to the task you are working on
  • In the event you have followed the online help and you require extra support then press F1 twice to bring up the Contact Help Desk option. Complete the form and cc yourself into the message so you get the e-mail updates (if you need to see your communications with the help desk then type HDSK on the terminal to view them all)


If you wish to extend your knowledge of Bloomberg further then sign up or watch on demand webinars on Bloomberg for Education



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