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Q. Can you turn the sun back on?

Answered By: Elizabeth Andrews
Last Updated: Dec 02, 2015     Views: 110

From Ask a Librarian chat service: 

Librarian: Good morning. How can I help?
Library user: Hi! Any chance of the sun being turned on? I'm no longer used to being cold in the library as usually the strange temperature fluctuations are cancelled out by the sun. At least they have been these past few days.
Librarian: If you could tell me where the sun was, I'd gladly retrieve it and bring it back to NE Fife.
Library user: that's where the sun is meant to be at least.
Librarian: Sorry.
Library user: That's ok. I might have to stop my morning visits to the library and just stay in bed instead. I might be less productive there but it will be warm and fluffy.
Librarian: You could immerse yourself in our books (and a cosy fleece) and not look out the window.
Library user: true that.
Library user: If only I didn't have an essay to write :)
Library user: oh well... then I'd better get on with it. Thank you :)
Librarian: :-)

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