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Q. Please add two levels to the library this summer. There is simply not enough space.

Answered By: Sharon Nangle
Last Updated: Aug 25, 2015     Views: 50

Thank you for completing a "You said, We did" card earlier this week.  We would agree with you that the Library isn't big enough to accomodate the number of students using it.  In recent years the Library has been refurbished and this resulted in an increase of 350 study spaces, and in the provision of power to some desks in the Library.  However the refurbishment led to the Library becoming a more popular place and as a result we've found that in spite of the additional study space, the Library cannot provide study spaces for all the users who need to use it at peak times.  To try to help the situation the Library now opens for longer than it ever has, but you're right, we need a bigger library.

At present the University has no plans to extend the Library, so your hope that we could add extra space over the summer isn't one we'll be able to meet, as currently there are no funds to allow us to do this.  The Library works very closely with student representatives to work towards improvements in the Library, and we are listening to our students.

In terms of power provision in the Library, we have sockets at every desk on Level 2, and on all desks around the perimeter on Levels 3 and 4.  At present we have no power sockets at the desks away from the perimeter on levels 3 and 4 as we have solid concrete floors on these levels, so we're unable to get power to these areas.  University Estates are looking at the problem and we hope to be able to improve the situation soon.

In addition to the Library, there are a number of 24 hour PC classrooms which students can use, this map shows their locations.

Thank you for your comments.


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