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Q. Why has the due date changed on a book I have borrowed?

Answered By: Sharon Nangle
Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019     Views: 103

All staff and students are able to recall books which are out on loan if they need them.  When this happens the date the book is due back will change to 7 days from the date the recall is made - ie. you have a week to return the book.  In the case of 3-day loan, or when a book is recalled when you have a week or left remaining on the loan, the date won't change, but you won't be able to renew these books.

You will receive an email letting you know when the book needs to be returned, so please check your University email account.

Note that fines are also higher for recalled books, when books are recalled and are overdue, the fine is £2.00 per day.