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Q. How do I upgrade the version of EndNote I am using?

Answered By: Hilda McNae
Last Updated: Apr 04, 2024     Views: 4

New versions of EndNote are released every few years. Once a new version has been tested and is available for you to download it will be made available on Apps Anywhere.

Before you download the new version it is essential that you do the following.

  • Check where you have your EndNote Library saved. There are 2 files, the  first one is the library which has a .enl extension and the second is a folder with .Data extension). Make sure that these are saved in the same location on your device and not within the application itself.
  • In EndNote choose Tools and Sync to ensure it is synchronised with the online version
  • Backup the Library by choosing File > Compressed Library (.enlx)  and select "with file attachments" so you retain any pdfs. Name the file and save it on to your computer. 
  • If you have customized content files (e.g. styles, connection files, and filters) then make sure these are not saved within the EndNote program folder. (How to check where customised files are saved)

Uninstall the old version of EndNote

Once you have completed the above tasks it is recommended that you uninstall the old version before installing the new one. Rather than deleting it you should use the uninstall function on your computer

Windows: Control Panel > Programs > Add/remove programs

MacOS: Click the EndNote menu and select Customizer. Click Uninstall and then remove the EndNote folder

Install the new version of EndNote

  • Go to Apps Anywhere
  • Find the most recent version of EndNote
  • Download it following any on screen instruction

Set up access to your EndNote Library

  • Open the new version of EndNote 
  • Click File and select to open your EndNote Library.


(If you experience any issues opening the EndNote Library you created before then navigate to the compressed backup file you saved instead. Click the .ENLX file. Your EndNote Library comprising .ENL and .DATA files will be saved to that location. If you wish to move them to another folder make sure you move both of these files.)



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