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Q. How do I find ESG data in Datastream?

Answered By: Hilda McNae
Last Updated: Jun 28, 2024     Views: 3

If you are new to Workspace/Datastream see How do I get an account for Workspace and How do I access LSEG Workspace prior to following the instructions below.

The easiest way to access ESG data is via Workspace by following the instructions on How to find ESG data in Workspace

 However, if you require historic series you may need to use the Datastream Excel plugin.

  • Launch the Excel Online option on Workspace in Apps Anywhere
  • Select the Datastream Formula button
  • Click on the Find Series button to the right of the Series/Lists box
  • The Datastream Navigator box will appear. Enter the company name in the search box or use the Refine search options on the left to more easily locate a company or group of companies.
  • Tick the boxes to the left-hand side of each company that appears in your results list and then on the Use button to enter it into the Series box on the form
  • Click the Find Datatypes button to the right of the Search Datatypes box.
  • In Datastream Navigator screen make sure the category is set to Equities
  • Choose ESG from the left-hand menu
  • Tick all the ESG datatypes which you require and then click on Use to enter them into the Series box on the form
  • Select the dates and frequency of the data you require
  • In the Options section of the builder choose how you want your data displayed
  • Use Insert button to launch the search and for the data to appear in Excel


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